OpenPilot CC3d Flight Controller Case (Right Angled Pins!)

$ 10.00

Why a Flight Controller Case? This case helps prevent high speed debris impact and metallic objects from falling on the board connecting circuits turning it into circuit board bacon, certainly ending your flight time early!

Free First Class Shipping (USA only)

Case Features:

-3D Printed and made to order out of PLA plastic

-41mm x 41mm x 18mm overall dimensions with 5mm cool looking wings to support and protect the right angled pins.

-Flexi, Main Ports easily identifiable.

-Pins are numbered and polarity identified on outside of case!

-LEDs are easy to see for identifying functionality

-Attractive (and a conversation starter) top hat and handlebar mustache logo!

-Color Options: Neon Orange, Red, Neon Blue (in photo's), Blue, White, Black, Gray, Grape Purple, Dark Green

-M3 Stainless Steel hardware included. Please note the options to select the size you need (14mm for foam mounting*, 20mm for frames up to 2mm thick and 25mm for frames up to 6mm in thickness) *foam not included*

-Weight of Case without hardware is approximately 10 grams

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