Mason Jar Opener

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Mason Jars have unique lids that traditional openers weren't designed to open. Spoons, Knives, and other Bottle Openers don't work as well as we would like and sometimes it can be risky business using your fingers.  After all, lids aren't cheap and we certainly like to be able to reseal our jars!  We saw this problem and created a solution, thus, the Creative Dex Jar and Bottle Opener. We took countless measurements and came up with a design that works with mason jar lids that is almost effortless to use and opens them at the correct angle reducing the chance of bending lids beyond their usefulness.

With the Creative Dex Opener there is no more cutting our fingers, scratching up or the flinging of our nice utensils across the room all to take off a lid that was more often than not, bent beyond further use! Oh, and it still works great to open your favorite soda and beer bottles.

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