EXO Mount v2

$ 15.00

Please Note that we are currently trying to source better velcro straps but if you have any of the scorpion/pirofliprc style battery straps size Small (16mm x 210mm) they are common and will work in the current version (as of 4/4/16). We do not have a time line currently as to when we will be able to offer the battery style straps. All mounts will still come with the straps that have been sent out thus far which work but certainly could be better

Combining the best of both worlds- the Exopro and the functionality of Creative Dex mounts. Easy to mount, durable, vibration reduction, and most importantly... GoPro saving, impact absorption.

(Mount only)

FREE shipping via USPS first class on all USA orders.

15 grams

If interested, I also have the Exopro Cases available:

....Exopro Case

Note: Please email us if something you're interested in is not in stock, typically I can have it made and in the mail the next day.              CreativeDex@gmail.com

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