Xiaomi Yi Mount

$ 12.00

Every FPV "fighter pilot" quickly learns about the mixed relationship we have with Terra Firma. The harder we try to leave her, the more tenaciously she'll grip your balls. All to her satisfaction and to our destruction. Introducing the flexible Yi mount to hold hold on to your precious jewel.


  • Free USPS first class shipping within the USA, 10$ to international destinations.
  • Flexible, yet snug fit that's been tested to be durable.
  • Made to dampen prop jello in your footage 
  • Designed to help absorb impacts
  • New Smaller mounting footprint @ 26mm front to back that also allows you move it further forward over your fpv cam without blocking your view on smaller quad frames
  • Flexable mounting options 
  • Color options: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Clear, White, Yellow and Orange. Grey upon request
  • Under 15 grams

 Note: This version is made to fit cams without using a lens protector, one may still fit but its not specifically cut out for them. See the other page for one cut out for the lens protector.

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